Our urinal trailer is a fantastic solution for large events. It's high capacity tank combined with our "in and out" system work to reduce queuing time greatly. The unit consist of of a single urinal troff running around three of the walls this allows for 20+ men to all fit in the unit with out any discomfort.  

4 Position Urinal

Our 4 position urinal know as a Pluto, like the P-Waggon works great to elevate queuing times. Freestanding and completely self-contained, the Pluto unit do not require a connection to water, drainage or power giving them the flexibility to be sited almost anywhere. 


  • Height: 1600 mm

  • Width: 1120 mm

  • Depth: 1120 mm

  • Weight: 40 kg

  • Capacity: 400 Liter

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