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From large scale festivals to small family gatherings, we can provide a full range of services including toilet hire, urinals, shower trailers and sink units. We even have themed toilets to make going to the loo a real event to remember! 

Single toilets (themed / regular)

A cost effective alternative to trailer units, our singles are clean, tidy and supplied with sanitiser to help aid hygiene during your event. 

Available with a full on site attendant service / tanker if required for large scale events.

Tufway Specifications

  • Height: 2235mm
  • Width: 1118mm
  • Depth: 1219mm
  • Door opening: 1854mm x 610mm
  • Floor area: 5554.83 cm²
  • Tank volume: 265L
  • Swish Tank volume: 227L
  • Seat height: 457mm
  • Weight: 75kg
Single toilet
Themed toilets for hire

Wheelchair access

Ergonomically designed to suit users with differing needs, our wheelchair access units have a wider door and no threshold lip for ease of access.

Our units are supplied with an anti slip floor and grab rail around the internal walls for added safety.

All of these units are lockable showing engaged or vacant, however can be unlocked from the outside in the case of an emergency. 

  • Height: 2311mm
  • Width: 1575mm
  • Depth: 1575mm
  • Door opening: 2054 mm x 831 mm
  • Tank volume: 132L
  • Large tank volume: 275L
  • Seat height: 483mm
  • Weight: 107Kg
Wheelchair access toilets
Wheelchair access toilets

Handwash station

Our handwash stations are a great addition to any event or construction site to provide workers / guests with an extra hygiene facility.

Operated using a foot pump for maximum hygiene and minimal contact with the sink unit.


  • 83 litres of fresh water equal to 1300+ dispenses
  • Hand soap provided (2 x 30 fl oz)
  • Paper towels provided (1000 towels per wash station)
  • 2 sink unit
  • Foot pedal dispensing pump
  • Self-contained flush units
  • Weight: Empty (70lb / 32kg) Full (254lb / 115.2kg
  • Delivery, installation and collection.


  • Height: 62" (157cm)
  • Width: 26.5" (67cm)
  • Length: 21.5" (54cm)
Handwash station
Handwash station

Sanitiser stands

Sanitiser stands are a great hygienic solution when water isn't available. Fully ADA compliant our sanitiser trees's allow 4 people to use at any one time ideal for events and site work. 

The ADA-Compliant SaniStand can be easily accessed and operated by anyone,from wheelchair users to children. It has four dispensers and provides 5,000 uses on a single fill-up.

Each dispenser has a large viewing window to allow quick monitoring of sanitiser levels. The stand is easy to transport and set up thanks to its 14 kilograms weight when empty. For added stability on-site, water and sand can be added to the base to increase the weight of the unit to more than 91 kilograms.


  • Height: 168 cm
  • Width: 71 cm
  • Depth: 71 cm
Sanitiser stands
Sanitiser stands

Hot water single toilet units

For extra hygiene on site 

  • Recirculating flush style tank operated by means of a hand pump.
  • Large Health & Safety compliant sink, designed for full forearm immersion and foot operated for optimum efficiency.
  • Instantaneous 3kW-water heater placed above the wash hand basin.
  • 24-Volt submersible pumped water supply.
  • 12 Volt courtesy light and acrylic mirror.
  • Full RCD/MCB protection conforming to the latest IEE regulations.


  • Total weight: 110 Kg (240 lbs approx.)
  • Total width: 1166 mm
  • Total eepth: 1215 mm
  • Total height: 2316 mm
  • Door height: 1975 mm
  • Door width: 639 mm
  • Waste tank capacity: 225 litres
  • Large wash basin capacity: 65 litres
Hot water single toilet units
Hot water single toilet units

Toilet trailers (1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+2, 4 bay, 6 bay)

1+1 Toilet Trailer

Ergonomically designed, our 1+1 units provide two identical cubicles providing a porcelain toilet pot, LED drop lights and running hand wash water. Provided with toilet roll and paper hand towels.

The unit runs on a 12 volt system allowing it to be used without a 240 volt power connection.

A great unit for garden parties, small events, weddings and film and tv work. 


  • Width - 1.8m
  • Length - 4.1m
  • Height - 2.7m

3+1 Toilet Trailer

Our 3+1 units provide three lavatory cubicles with two communal wash stations on one side, whilst the other side offers one cubicle, two urinals and a sink. 


  • Width - 2.30m (3.2m with steps)
  • Length - 5.48m (6.7m with towing frame)
  • Height - 2.90m

4+2 Toilet Trailer

Servicing large parties, events as well as sporting days. This self contained unit has four female cubicles and 2 male cubicles with three additional urinals. The unit also provided warm running water and hand dryers. 


  • Width - 6.97m
  • Length - 2.64m
  • Height - 3.05m
Toilet trailers
Toilet trailers

Toilet trailer (14 bay)

The largest toilet block in our fleet, the 14 bay compromises of 7 individual cubicles either side of the unit.

Well suited to high traffic events, film and TV work or workplaces looking for addition toilet facilities. 

Unit can operate as a recirculating for when mains connection isn’t available or plumbed to mains supply for fresh water flush. 


  • Width - 2.3m
  • Length - 8.7m
  • Height - 2.9m
14 bay toilet trailer
14 bay toilet trailer

Urinal trailers

Designed for high traffic events, our 20 position urinal trailer takes huge strain off the typical toilet queue.

Fitted with a high capacity 2000 litre waste tank to reduce service intervals and LED striping lighting.


  • Width: 2.45m
  • Height: 2.1m 
  • Depth: 1.2m
Urinal trailers
Urinal trailers

Shower trailers

Ideal for camp sites or hazard sites. 


  • 240 volt electrics
  • Mains / pumped water source
  • Grey water tank/ mains connection
  • Gas bottle - boiler. 


  • 2.6 meters wide
  • 4 m long plus a bar
  • 2.6 meters off chassis. 


  • Over head waterfall shower
  • Led lighting throughout
  • Hygienic polypropylene walls
  • Anti slip flooring
  • Anti steps
  • Safety grab handles  
  • Soap shelf. 
Shower trailers
Shower trailers

Solar loo

Offering a sustainable on-site energy source, our self-contained Solar Loos capture solar energy to provide high quality sanitary facilities.

  • Fresh water flush toilet - foot operated
  • Warm hand wash water
  • Led lighting
  • Blow heater system 

Size (approx):

  • L - 2430
  • W - 1500
  • H - 2600
  • 450 litre water
  • 950 litre waste.
Solar loo
Solar loo

Water bowsers (grey water / non-potable)

Known commonly as IBC’s (intermediate bulk container) our water bowsers are small enough to positioned nearly anywhere on site.

Provided as standard with a two inch male camlock connection for gravity feed.

Additional services available such as, water refilling, water pump systems and tank deep cleaning on site. 


  • 1000 litre capacity
  • 100cm x 100cm x 100cm
Water bowsers

Waste tanks (espen, grease, food waste)

Wherever there is no mains waste connection Shaw Toilet Hire can offer a 500 gallon (2273 litre) inter linkable waste tank.

The waste tanks can be located under cabins, along side cabins or any other accessible plot.

Great for events that need grease, espen or waste water tipping points.

Our fitting team will be able to help set up and connect waste tanks. 


  • Height: 280cm
  • Width: 200cm
  • Depth: 45-51cm
Waste tanks

Towable water bowsers

With a 1100 capacity these towable water bowsers are well suited to all non-potable water use applications such as remote cleaning, dust suppression and many other applications. 

Towable Water Bowser
1125 Litre Water Site Bowser


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