Continued Expansion and Investment

Kiln Hill
Kiln Hill
Continued Expansion for George Shaw and Sons as we enter 2022. 

As we enter into the new year Shaw toilet hire along side it's sister companies take the next step in our planned growth. Our Kiln Hill premises will be the new home of George Shaw and Sons manufacturing, Bi-George and Shaw toilet hire. 

George Shaw manufacturing will benefit from an expanded work space of 3,500 sq foot allowing for a better, safer and more efficient work space. Producing industry leading products, for industry leaders.

Our latest company venture Bi-George now has its own workspace and distribution station, implementing better customer service, quicker order turnaround and a larger catalogue of products. 

Shaw toilet hire has seen unprecedented growth in our Toilet trailer division over the last 18 months, using our kiln hill premises we now have a dedicated storage and maintenance area.