What are your site requirements and How do we Service Portable Toilets?

Portable toilet are and have been a legal requirement's on construction sites for a number of years now. Different sites have different requirements, a five person team would suffice with just one Portable toilet (Often referred to as a Portaloo) with just one service a week, Sometimes even these smaller sites require additional servicing, this is down to many factors such as usage or condition of the site. Larger sites require additional welfare provisions such as more toilets generally fresh water flushing, more sinks and for the sinks to provide hot water instead of just cold water. 

If you're not sure or have any questions about providing welfare provisions on your site please contact us for advice from experience and knowledgeable people. 

How do we service a Portable toilet?

Usually our portable toilets are serviced once a week, During this service we remove waste and litter, clean the unit/units down using a heavy duty cleaner and a antibacterial spray, replenish all consumable's and fresh water for the hand wash unit. 

1, The first thing we do when arriving to your site is make sure its safe for us to enter the site and access the toilets. We then check for any damages to the unit and carry out any repairs where necessary. 

2, After checking the unit we will start up our vacuum tank and proceed to remove all the waste clean the waste tank and replenish and prime the flush system. 

3, Now that we have a clean waste tank that's flushing bright blue and providing a pleasant scent we'll begin cleaning the unit. Firstly removing all litter and any large debris.

4, With our buckets now filled with fresh water we'll begin cleaning the internal walls, roof, sink basin, tank and toilet seat focusing on high touch points such as door handles, dispensers and the toilet seat. 

5, Time to clean the floor, spraying the floor with additional cleaning spray we then scrub the floor to remove any muck build-up and staining that may have occurred since the last service. A final rinse and dry to make sure the floor isn't slippery and then on to the final step of cleaning. 

6, We'll then replenish all consumables in the units such as Toilet rolls, Hand towels and Soap. A quick spray of odour control fragrance and anti bacterial and you've got a nice clean and fresh toilet unit that's good as new and ready for another week. 


Toilet units that aren't clean and un pleasant to use can be degrading to the people working on site, because who'd want to use a mucky smelly toilet? Keep your team happy and productive by using Shaw Toilet hire for your job sites.  

We're proud the provide toilet hire and related products to construction sites and work places across Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and the rest of yorkshire.